Saint Paul Park


Custom Size Pergolas - Discount Prices

Saint Paul Park, Minnesota
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  • 24 May, 2012
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10% Discount on Pergola
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Product Features:

Like our other pergola models our custom pergolas feature the following:
Western Red Cedar Construction
Pre-cut Kit - No Cutting Required
Notched and Pre-drilled Girders
Notched and Pre-marked Joists
5 1/2" x 5 1/2" Posts
Hardware Included (screws, nails and lag bolts)
Post Heights can be up to 120"
Post Mounts not included in the Kit

Special Note to customers:

Please be aware that custom models will take up to 6 weeks to manuacture.
Please check with your local municipality if a building permit for your custom size pergola is required. We will gladly assist in providing some information to your local engineering department.

Avaialble Standard Sizes Pergolas:

8'x10' Breeze Pergola -$2140.00
10'x12' Breeze Pergola - $2432.00
10'x12' Breeze Pergola with Retractable Canopy - $3570.00
10'x12' Retractable Canopy Only - $1439.00
12'x12' Breeze Pergola - $2805.00
10'x16' Breeze Pergola - $3263.00
12'x16' Breeze Pergola - $3687.00
12'x20' Breeze Pergola - $4142.00
12'x12' Attached Breeze Pergola - $2790.00
12'x16' Attached Breeze Pergola - $3647.00

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